Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Thank You

I figured it was time to give credit where credit was due now that [AV] & ClingerZ! has a little name for itself and a main store.

Earn2Life - Without Earn2Life I would have never made the Lindens I needed to pay for my rentals, to start up [AV] and eventually discover ClingerZ! A huge thanks goes out to Earn2Life, all who are part of it and all who make it work.

S'anne Theas - S'anne is a very very close and dear friend who has been there since the birth of [AV] and inspired the birth of ClingerZ! without her I would not have had the drive to continue bringing out the products I do, and I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon ClingerZ! She has supported me through all I have done and is as much a creator of my products as I am.

Chandni Khondji - Chandni is also a great friend who has helped me with my products when I've hit a brick wall, her knowledge and experiences have been extremely valuable. Without her I more than likely wouldn't have the Main Store I have now.

The Customers - People who have made purchases from [AV] & ClingerZ! have been very important and really do require credit. Without you I wouldn't have been able to step from XStreetSL to a small branch, to my new main store. Thank you!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Fortnightly Update: 18th May

- NEW RELEASE: Cleo Canopy
- NEW RELEASE: Angel vs. Devil Clingers!
- COMING SOON: ToKon Products?
- COMING SOON: ClingerZ! Meet Neko!
- EVENT: The Wicked Weekend!

NEW RELEASE: Cleo Canopy
The Cleo Canopy was originally a design for a friend originally intended on a Roman look, however after meddling with textures it became more Egyptian looking -- Hence the Cleo reference.
The Canopy comes in three designs (small, medium and large) each suitable for a multitude of tasks, from a temporary building for parties, a garden 'gazebo' or an outdoor home.
Each Cleo Canopy comes with flexible canvas curtains with a touch of wind effect giving the Canopy that open and airy feel. Also each curtain comes complete with a Colour Changing Script should you wish to change the colours of the curtains without having to do so manually.

NEW RELEASE: Angel vs. Devil Clingers!
Released only a few days ago the Lil Angel and Lil Devil Clingers have risen to the top of the sales at both ClingerZ! and [AV]. I expected them to be quite a big seller due to the amount of angel like and devil like avatars there are in Second Life, but they are doing far better than I had originally expected.
If you haven't yet seen the Lil Angel or Lil Devil you can find pictures at the bottom of this entry, or pop over to the store and hunt me down, I'm usually wearing one or both.
Lil Angel
Lil Devil

COMING SOON: ToKon Products?
At the start of May [AV] filled out the ToKon Application in hopes of being able to make some of our products ToKon capable, thus making them work with the ToKon slave HUD. Shortly after sending in the application it was accepted and [AV] are now working hard at creating some Sample ToKon products to offer and hopefully be accepted as a full partner. If we become a full partner we will soon be able to offer you our products with ToKon Capabilities, fingers crossed!
Want a Sneak Peek? In the below snapshot we have the four first collars with the trial scripts in, these will be the samplers and hopefully the first releases. In the top left there is the Quarta Collar, top right is the Indu Collar, bottom left is the remade Twizted, Twizted II and in the bottom right is Circa Collar. Each collar comes with modified cuffs to match the collar itself.
The Four Cuffs

COMING SOON: ClingerZ! Meet Neko!
I've been sat/stood around in my store watching people as they enter on the hunts and one thing I have noticed is that there seems to be a lot of people wearing those big bushy neko-like tails. After some time a friend commented on the little designs at the base of the tail and said it'd be perfect to have a Clinger attach there. So after some time I've designed the ClingerZ! Tail which eventually will come with your favourite Clinger clinging.
These tails are almost complete and will be highly customisable. Each tail that is sold will have a built in texture changing script allowing you to change the hairs of your tail in to one of the huge 63 alpha based hair textures we have for offer. With this you have the ability to make your tail match any hair colour you may be. The 63 textures are arranged in to the following categories; Black, Blonde, Brown, Platinum, Highlighted, Blue, Green, Pink, Red & Mixed. So there's plenty to pick!
However, unlike the basic Clingers the Clinger Tails will cost L$150 due to the the expense in purchasing the scripts and textures within the tail. That said, when comparing these tails to other tails currently on offer in Second Life, they are still far cheaper than most and offer far more than the more expensive tails.
I will on release offer a Pic'N'Mix option for tails, much like the current one for the basic Clingers, this will give huge savings for bulk buyers or those who pool their money. Also, not to forget, I will be giving away an exclusively made ClingerZ! Tail for the Curious Kitties Gridwide Hunt, so if you want to try an sampler then pop along for this hunt.

Hunts in Progress;
- SL Discovery Hunt ( Prize )

Upcoming Hunts;
- Through the Looking Glass Hunt - 25th May - July 4th ( Prize )
- Bedtime Treasures Hunt - 1st June - 30th June ( Prize )
- Passions Gridwide Hunt - 1st June - 30th June ( Prize )
- Curious Kitties - 1st July - 31st July (Exclusive ClingerZ! Tail)

* Due to some exploiting my permissions on my hunt items, after the Passions Hunt all prizes will no longer be transferrable, they will be Copy/Modify/No Transfer. We are sorry for this, but the hunt items are not meant to be freebies that you can gift wrap for your friends, they are exclusive to those who spent the time and effort participating in the hunt. To make this clear the loss of transfer will -only- be on Hunt based prizes and will not effect purchased Clingers.

EVENT: The Wicked Weekend
The Wicked Weekend 50% Discount is now over and it would seem a great deal took avantage of the offer and enjoyed it. Due to the feedback I've received regarding it I've decided that sometime in the future I may host other types of events, perhaps not discounts, but Limited Edition items, exclusive items, freebies or what-not. You will of course be the first to hear should I decide to set up some kind of event in the future!

Wishing you the best,
[ Alestra Vollmar ]

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

To Begin...

I thought it would be a bit of fun to start up a blog for [AV] & ClingerZ! so that I can write updates and random things that come to my mind here rather than flood everyone in Second Life. *grins*

The Wicked Weekend
Wicked Weekend

The Wicked Weekend is a way of opening (yes I know I spelled it wrong in the image) the Main Store of [AV] & ClingerZ! with a thank you to everyone who has helped. By thanking everyone I will be lowering the prices of every product at both [AV] & ClingerZ! by 50% giving you all huge savings.

This event will start on Friday the 15th of May at 8am SLTime and end on Monday the 18th of May at 1am SLTime. These hours have been picked as 8am on Friday marks the end of school/(and some work places) in the UK, thus the start of the weekend while 1am on Monday will be when most return to school/work thus the end of the weekend.

Also, remember that this event will only be taking place at the Main Store and not at our Branch Store(s).

ToKon Products
At the start of this month I decided to do the Xcite! Partner Application which was accepted and the trial pack was sent out to me. Well shortly after that was sent out I begun work on some items for the samplers in hopes of becoming a full partner.

So far I've taken the already made Twizted Collar and tested the scripts on it to get the hang of everything. This worked without any problems at all and was quite straight forward, so I've developed a new set, which is currently unnamed. This set consists of a Collar and Cuffs (Wrists & Ankles), with points for chains to run from and two colour parts of the items colour changable.

Over this week I hope to attempt a collar that utilises all the functions of the ToKon script (Bell, Lock, etc) then I will try and upgrade to a full partner. All going well ToKon Cuffs & Collars should be added to my product range by the end of the month, hopefully.